POD short for “Payable On Death” is a band that first caught my attention back in 1999 while working at 89.5FM WSOU, Seton Hall’s Pirate Radio Station back in my college days. One of the DJ’s was playing “Southtown” and my first reaction was that I thought it was E-Town Concrete. No dis to E-Town Concrete but the sound on Southtown was pretty similar to Etown, BUT after listening to enough POD songs, I can tell you that they are two VERY different bands even though they seem to be playing the same style of melodic hardcore with rap/hip-hop infused lyrics. If you listen to enough POD songs, you’ll realize that POD incorporates elements of rap, rock, hip-hop, metal, and reggae into their songs. There is definitely a certain groove to each track. E-Town also has a certain groove but they’re definitely more on the metal/rap-rock side.

Official video for POD’s “Southtown”

We may do a post on E-Town at some point in the near future but being on WSOU back in the mid-late 1990’s and working with my bro, Dan Dan the Hardcore Man on WSOU, we were one of the first radio stations/DJ’s to start playing E-Town on the radio. My bro was working his show “Hardcore Reality” and I remember him inviting E-Town up for an interview back in 1995. POD’s first album was “Snuff the Punk”, released in 1994 so I think they win in terms of who came together first.

So I was really digging “Southtown” but still really didn’t know the band all that well. “Southtown” was one of the band’s breakout songs off their album “The Fundamental Elements of Southtown”, the band’s 3rd studio album, released in the summer of 1999.

POD opening up the show at Starland Ballroom with “Soundboy Killa” off of “Circles”
Sonny autographed our photo collage with pics from Starland Ballroom show
Official lyric video for “Soundboy Killa”
Andy on stage with POD helping represent on “Youth of the Nation”
Official video for “Youth of the Nation”

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